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I come from an agricultural background in central Texas. I spend much of my time at my family’s farm, where I participate in various land upkeep, as well as animal husbandry. Previously, I have been employed by Texas Lifestyle Magazine in Austin, Texas, where I was an editorial assistant. Working in an environment where I was able to work with variety of different professionals allowed me to hone my communication skills and learn to work with a variety of different people. Currently, I work as an assistant publicist for PR by the Book in Austin where I manage client campaigns and create content for an online PR membership community while pursuing my degree as a student. 

As a communicator, my goal is to disseminate information to the public in an engaging and educational way. I am interested in agriculture and keep a flock of chickens myself. One day, I dream of owning a sustainable farm that provides local food of all types. I chose my degree in agricultural communications for two reasons. First, I enjoy engaging with different groups of people and am a highly social individual. Second, I have a long-held passion for agriculture, and hope that my communication skills will allow me to educate the public and excite them about agriculture in new ways.

As a professional, one of my strongest skills is writing. Pursuing a degree from Texas A&M in agricultural communications and journalism is a perfect fit for me, as it has allowed me to sharpen both my written and oral communication skills, all in an agricultural setting. I place a high value on being productive and efficient with my time and am constantly working to become a better communicator. I stay up-to-date with agriculture mostly by being right in the middle of it with my family farm, learning how the industry works through firsthand experience.

Besides having a passion for agriculture, I am also a lover of music and the sport of water skiing. I was the president of the Texas A&M Water Ski Club for two years, where I have learned a multitude of valuable skills. Namely, I have learned how to best lead a large group of people and communicate in a way that caters to each individual. I was also responsible for a large budget each year and have become a professional at keeping track of expenses and being frugal and smart with what is purchased.

Beyond my degree, all of my experiences are preparing me to be a professional agricultural communicator, and I hope that I can help to change the way people think about modern agriculture and bring the awareness that sustainable farming deserves to the public.


Click to the left to view a PDF of a hard news story I wrote about the bounty on feral hogs in Guadalupe County.

Click to the left to view a PDF of a critical review I wrote of Weezer's album, 'Teal.'

Click to the left to view a PDF of a feature story I wrote about raising backyard meat chickens for profit.

Click to the left to view a PDF of a personality piece I wrote about a collegiate athlete battling cystic fibrosis that was featured as the cover story in the USA Waterski monthly newsletter. 

Click to the left to view a story I wrote about Texas college football traditions for Texas Lifestyle Magazine 


Click to the left to view a PDF of PR guide I made for a client with a team of 8 fellow Texas A&M students for an advanced PR class. 

Click to the left to view a PDF of a pitch I wrote for a PR by the Book client campaign targeting women's interest magazines

Click to the left to view a PDF of a pitch I wrote for Texas Writers Month targeting online and traditional Texas media


Click below to view my résumé as a PDF.


Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Agricultural Journalism and Communications

Poultry Science


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